Human Ressources


Giving everyone
a chance

At CMN, the Human Resources policy is geared towards young talent and the enrichment of their career path through training throughout their CMN adventure. The aim is to develop their skills and offer them initial professional experience in the shipbuilding industry.
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CMN each year is :

From 20 to 30 work-study students

for training courses ranging from the CAP to an engineering degree (6.5% of work-study students in 2020)

+ more than 200 trainees

from the observation internship to the end of the graduate studies internship.  

Opportunities for discovery

in all areas, from design to production
The professional future of these apprentices and trainees remains a priority for CMN, which offer real employment opportunities.
The CMN are present at schools and training centres in the region where various actions are being deployed:

Every year, the CMN take part in various forums in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and the surrounding area with the aim of introducing the company and its know-how, as well as meeting its future employees.

Enhancing and capitalising
on your skills:

our priority

The transmission of skills is an essential lever that allows knowledge and know-how to be perpetuated. This essential issue for the CMN is achieved through various mechanisms:

A rich and diverse career is a reality at the CMN. Internal mobility is part of the company’s Human Resources policy, which enables employees to move between departments in order to acquire new skills and discover other areas. It is also possible to climb the hierarchical ladder and obtain more responsibilities, as is the case for several of the managers.

Talent from
all over the world

CMN is both a family business, run by guiding principles focused on people and skills, and also a cosmopolitan company.

Open to the world, CMN welcomes and recruits a geographical diversity of talent. Coming from all walks of life, in France and abroad, these employees bring their cultural richness to the company.

Our guiding


Communicate directly

Make sure the other person understands you

Trust &

Granting the right to make mistakes

Helping rather than denigrating


Developing skills

To be a driving force for reflection, progress and innovation


Favour collaboration and team spirit

Valuing collective success

CMN is looking for motivated employees with a taste for challenge, attracted by a technically rich sector and an attractive living environment

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