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Support services


The CMN training programmes are extremely broad based and flexible and can be changed to meet the client’s needs. The programmes are individually designed and provide a precise level of training. Separate course programmes are developed to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of naval ships crews and naval base maintenance personnel. Continuation training programmes can also be provided usually in the client’s own country



CMN training programmes are extremely broad based and can cover all aspects of naval ship repair and engineering training. As a result, these services can fully contribute to a partnership with the client navy to ensure the personnel elements of through-life support are fully met.

On-going training programmes can also be provided, either in Europe or in the client’s country to include ship repair training as well as familiarisation training for the crews of any ship in the client’s naval fleet

Integrated Logistic Services


The through-life support cost of a sophisticated naval ship is likely to be much greater than the capital cost of the ship. CMNSSL provides, through its sister company, Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited (Isherwoods), integrated systems designed to maximise ship availability, while minimising the budgetary cost of the support provision.

CMN Support Services can provide clients with the systems needed to control both maintenance costs and spare parts inventory levels. The systems use a hybrid combination of condition based, predictive and preventative maintenance criteria, to provide a practical, flexible and cost effective approach to maintenance scheduling and work activity.

The systems automatically requisition replacement on-board spares for those used in the maintenance process. They also compare base stock levels with forward spare requirements for forthcoming base maintenance or docking programmes, to ensure that work flow will not be disrupted by equipment shortfalls.

Transfert of Technology


Our company has a wide experience in Transfer of Technology (ToT) services.

  • Germany : ToT for the construction of 20 FPB Class 148 Tiger 
  • Greece : ToT for the construction of 8 Combattante CIII
  • Brazil : ToT for the construction of 8 Vigilante CL54
  • UAE : ToT for the construction of 5 Baynunah class Corvette BR71
  • KSA : ToT for the construction of 27 HSI32


Transfer of Technology is generally divided into 8 main elements as follows:

  • Yard Upgrade
  • Technical Data Package
  • Ship Construction – On Job Familiarization Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Kit of Material
  • Combat System Technology
  • Integrated Logistic Support
  • Configuration Management

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