House of naval excellence
founded in 1946

Icon of an anchor

Because we are convinced that the strength of a company lies in the values that it promotes and the meaning that it ascribes to its actions, CMN’s reason for being is shared by the whole of the company, the shareholders, and employees, with a view to, together, ensuring industrial performance and customer satisfaction.

We are global leaders within our markets, which we attribute first and foremost to our continual striving for excellence, and our constant respect for our commitments towards our customers and partners.

Within a shipping community that is in constant evolution, constrained by geopolitical challenges that pose as many threats as opportunities, CMN provides solutions today for a safer and more sustainable tomorrow.

The pioneering spirit is deeply enshrined in our genes; in those of the company and of our teams, and is evident in all of our products and services. From the first planes to the last boats to leave our yards, passion, boldness, and creativity have always enabled us to develop innovative solutions with which to protect and add value to the shipbuilding industry.

Wherever it may be found around the globe, a CMN product – from a brand that can look back on a prestigious history – is no ordinary product or service. The expertise and talent of our multicultural teams, as well as strict adherence to the values that we promote, mark our interactions with all stakeholders, and enable relevant responses to strategic shipbuilding challenges, now and in the future.

This is why our customers choose us.

This is why our employees are loyal to us.

Serge Quaranta

Président Directeur Général




If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

Attributed to Saint-Éxupéry

Tradition and transmission


CMN’s soul is found within teams that share the culture marked by a desire to set an example, a demand for perfect, and a longing to share their expertise. The teams are proud of their company, and of the products that they create.

Accomplishing big things


Each project is unique and requires a tailored response, a trust agreement between our customer and our teams, a collaborative chain between numerous specialists, whose discipline and inventiveness enable the creation of reliable and powerful ships.

Spirit of the land, spirit of the sea


Pragmatism and a sense of adventure drive the wider CMN family – united by trust, respect, loyalty, and solidarity, it is deeply rooted within its environment.

Passion, boldness, creativity


CMN is passionate about reinventing itself to tackle every project – guided by its love of a challenge, CMN applies boldness and creativity with a view to shaping the shipbuilding sector of tomorrow.

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