Sea & environment


“ L’éternité, c’est la mer mêlée au soleil ”

Arthur Raimbault

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Photo of a wave hitting a harbor

 A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor 

Franklin D. Roosevelt


In 75 years of history, the CMN ship went through a great deal of Storms. Very much alike its ships, it was able to overcome these storms and become stronger from it. 2020 has been the Covid year but yet CMN team was able to prove its resilience and cohesion by delivering orders on time. Despite a challenging environment CMN continue to show its ability to deliver performant ships.

 Naviguer est une activité qui ne convient pas aux imposteurs. Dans bien des professions on peut faire illusion et bluffer en toute impunité. En bateau on sait ou on ne sait pas. 

Eric tabarly


CMN ships are built based on the aggregation of our craftsmanship, our innovation skills and our expertise acquired along our history. Our steel, aluminium or composite sea proven concepts already navigate on all the oceans and our innovative hull shapes make our ships suitable to all kind of sea states without compromising their speed, strength and lightness.

 La mer est un espace de rigueur et de liberté. 

Victor Hugo


The sea is a demanding environment that forges the character and the soul, but it is also a great way to live passionately and to feel free. All the women and men of CMN are passionate about the sea.

Fishermen, sailors, surfers, divers, kayakers or simple strollers we all have a deep connection to the sea which obliges and honors us.

 Homme libre toujours tu chériras la mer  

Charles Baudelaire


Only poets are able to put words to what man feels in front of the sea but it is our human responsibility to cherish and protect it. The sea is a whole, an evidence, an infinite source of life an energy when properly respected. CMN is for a long time engaged in environment protection not only with paper statements but with real actions like the development of tidal turbines able to produce electricity based on a renewable energy without jeopardizing the integrity of the ecosystem.

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