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Addictions Management


CMN has adopted an addiction management approach. For this purpose, CMN has implemented a complete methodology that involves tests and appropriate controls of any addiction for its employees.

The local Association « l’Effet Domino », is supporting us in implementing this Methodology.

The Healthcare Center in Cherbourg is supporting us for the accompaniment of addicted people and the access to health care.



CMN is committed to exemplarity in terms of environmental impacts and especially the Sea Protection, its core business.

We have set up a Color Code, allowing us to sort the waste as close as possible to our work places.
Our waste containers are thus identified, and we gain in efficiency and treatment costs.

CMN’s aim is to obtain the ISO 14001 certificate

Health and safety at work


Preserving the health of our employees is our top priority!

Numerous preventive measures have been put in place at CMN to ensure compliance with the obligations of the French Labor Code, but also to guarantee our employees adequate working conditions for their position.
CMNs aims to be certified ISO 45001 within 3 years

Human ressources actions

Strengthen, sustain, capitalize our skills and CMN’s historical and unique know how

Welding Action


Since 2018, CMN, ACE, BST, Efinor, ORANO Themis, have defined a tailored program to meet their specifics industrial needs. This program provides training to a wide range of job seekers.

Action launched in partnership with: UIMM, CCI, Région Normandie, Pôle Emploi.

«  Center of Excellence » Project


Project initiated by CMN, EDF, Naval Group, Orano to develop a professional training for the welding, piping, boiler making.

The project is a continuation of the Welding action with the same goal, while seeking to optimize local resources and gathering partners by relying on innovative and pedagogical devices.

This Center of Excellence is a territory’s attractiveness for Normandie Region.

Le Campus des Industries Navales (CINav)


Initiated in 2017 by CMN, Naval Group, Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Piriou.

Normandie, Bretagne, Pays de Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine Regions are also actively involved, as well as several Ministries (including National Education), the French Navy and other partners (UIMM, GICAN, BPN).

The purpose of the campus is to improve the attractiveness of Naval professions and to adapt the training proposed by National Education to our specificities.

Our ambition for the moment is to develop the Campus at a national level and in the naval field but with the willingness to expand to others sectors.



Since several years, CMN has been hiring employees on work-study contracts or professional training contracts for up to three years, which allows them to gain professional experience while studying.

In 2019-2020, we have hired up to 8% employees on working study contracts, 31 Contracts in total.

Welcoming of Interns


CMN widely welcomes interns in its facilities. That applies to discovery courses for students from middle school to end-of course training for Engineering students.

In average per year, there are around 250 to 300 interns visiting our company.



CMN promotes the emergence of talents. In 2018, an employee has become the French Vice Champion of WorldSkills France for the welding profession.

Aware of his potential, WordSkills selected him to represent France in the European competition, which will take place in Austria on 2021.

CMN is supporting him by providing him material and free time to practice.



The company is a member of a rehabilitation association which enables women experiencing difficulties to be back into working life, thanks to activities in the « le Telle Qu’Elles » Restaurant.

We are also involved in sponsorship partnerships with different sectors: art and crafts, health, childhood…

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