Purchasing policy


A sustainable
purchasing policy

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CMN strives to build long term balanced relationships with its suppliers. This relationship is a strategic element of the end-customer satisfaction.

Along with its partners, suppliers and comakers, CMN aims to develop and strengthen a trust relationship making added value and performance.

A prefered supplier
relation policy

The quality of the relations between CMN and its suppliers is the foundation of the CMN’s long term performance. These relations are anchored in continuous improvement approach that drive higher performance and better competitiveness.

CMN aims to rely on preferred partners. Our assesment process leads to select the best competitive suppliers in the international marketplace in terms of price, quality, lead time, technology and services offered.

They demonstrate the capability to keep being competitive over the long term and supporting the global development of CMN.

The Purchasing Directorate shall guarantee business ethics through the commercial link contracted with the suppliers to insure compliance with :

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