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Anti-corruption code of conduct


CMN is committed to fight against corruption and meets the strictest compliance standards.

CMN rejects corruption and influence peddling in all their forms. Unacceptable and incompatibles with its values, they are harmful to its reputation, its good name and image.

Sharing these values and complying with these policy principles are the responsibility of all CMN’ managers. For this purpose, the Company has implemented an anti-corruption code of conduct available on-line.

Whistleblowing System


To enhance a proper ethical conduct, the Company has implemented a Whistleblowing System in order to protect itself against corruption risks, influence peddling and to maintain a good reputation and the trust of its clients and partners. The Whistleblowing System enables the collection of all the alerts coming from our employees but also from external staff and occasional partners or employees as well as third parties (clients, suppliers and consultants).

Moreover, this system allows reporting of actions in violation with CMN’s anti-corruption code of conduct, treaties and applicable laws and regulations in force, which are applicable within the frame of their activity.

This Whistleblowing System is available, via email at :
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Data Protection (GDPR)


As part of its compliance policy, CMN remains vigilant about the privacy and the personal data of its clients, suppliers, partners and employees.

For further information, please refer to the « Information notice on the processing of personal data ».

To contact the Data Protection Officer or to exercise your rights, please send an email at:

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