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Rich in our history, our values ​​and our know-how, we are aware at CMN that the world is changing and that our clients issues evolve.

So we are committed every day to innovate by developing our product range and developing solutions to meet the new and future needs of our customers.


The search for speed with the development of new hulls and lightweight structures, the integration of increasingly complex combat systems, and the reduction of radar equivalent surfaces have long been at the heart of our research programs in the military field.

Some examples of our research and innovation areas:

Stealth and EMC


Optimized positioning of Electromagnetic (EM) equipment and changing the structure is not always enough and the use of EM absorbers and other EM scattering reduction coats are necessary. Our R&D team is constantly working to propose innovative solutions :

  • R&D on compact, light and non-bulky broadband radar absorbers to reduce reflexions using new and innovative techniques such as metamaterials
  • We have recently developed and patented a low cost frequency agile radar absorber
  • R&D on total scattering reduction coats (Electromagnetic cloaks) to reduce shadow zones caused by objects found in the radiation pattern of antennas for example. (See Animation)

Integration of drones


The development of large boats and drones has led us to work on their integration into our ranges of patrol boats. As part of our participation in the European Laura research program, we have looked at the launching and retrieval of large boats and drones in increasingly stronger sea states.

Photo of a drone

Energy transition


The energy transition has imposed itself on the whole world.

At CMN, we have developed solutions to reduce the energy consumption of our ships. We have developed a trimaran architecture for a new generation patrol vessel, the Ocean Eagle 43, which has very low fuel consumption even at speeds of over 20 knots.

We have successfully tested the integration of a carrier plane (HullVane system) under a classic patrol boat hull.

We are also working on renewable marine energy projects such as tidal turbines, the prototype of which has been tested off Paimpol since 2019.

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Our innovation work also focuses on improving the methods and tools for manufacturing ships: boilerwork of complex shapes, work on hull equipment. This know-how has allowed us to make large-sized sculptures.


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